Workbench #1 – Intro

I’ve decided that I really need a workbench if I’m going to be doing any amount of ‘real’ woodworking. A board slapped on top of the tablesaw isn’t really cutting it, and I could really use a vise. I’ll be following the ‘Getting Started in Woodworking’ workbench design loosely with many of my own modifications. Much of the design will come out of the components that I have selected for the bench. First, I want a solid wood top rather than MDF, but I don’t want to do the lamination and flattening myself. I found a beech laminated counter-top at Ikea for $39. Sized at 25 5/8” by 49 5/8”, I thought that this would make a good size starter workbench. Other items of interest that will affect design choices: Bench should be usable as an out-feed table for the tablesaw Bench should be heavy, but able to be moved Will use the large vise from Lee Valley Desire to be able to level the legs of the workbench on an uneven floor I don’t have access to any of my photos at this time, but will post some with the next entry.


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