Weekend shop time

I had some unexpected time in the shop this weekend.  I had planned to be working on the stone veneer that we are doing for the fireplace surround in the room that we’re currently renovating.  I am at the point now where some of the stones have to be cut, which from what I understand makes a huge mess.  So I wanted to do the cutting outside — well the rain put a damper on that.

Instead, I got some time in the shop.  I was able to make a quick sawhorse to cut the stone on (if it ever stops raining), put together a crosscut sled for the table saw, and finish up the tenons for the second leg assembly for my workbench.


Crosscut sled:

Dry fit of leg assemblies:


Current Workspace

A few years ago, my wife and I purchased a foreclosed home that we are now working on renovating.  We live almost entirely on the main floor, so I’ve setup a temporary workspace in a portion of the half-basement (only the lower 3′-4′ are below grade).  That area will become part of our family room as we renovate the downstairs.  We are looking to add a 12’x20′ standalone workshop next to the house that I can move into before the renovations leave me without a place to work.

This is the space that I’m currently in, although much less crowded now than when this photo was taken.  In this space, I made my first couple of small projects (I’ll post more about them later) and have started building a workbench.